The Christmastime Dog Rescue

Stephen Harley

It is the night before Christmas Eve when ten-year old Peter Miller learns that his dog, Cody, is stranded over two hundred miles from his home. But when he discovers that his father purposely left Cody near a freight yard, Peter sets out on his own in the dark of the night to get his dog. As the sun rises on Christmas Eve, Peter arrives in the distant town, thanks to the kindness of a truck driver who gives him a ride. After he is reunited with Cody, Peter quickly realizes that he and the dog do not have a way home. With very little food and money in his pocket and with snow on the ground, it appears that Peters challenge is much bigger than him. No one will give him a ride as long as Cody is along. But young Peter will not give up. With the help of the prayers of his family, Peter is now in a race against time to find a way home before nightfall. The Christmastime Dog Rescue is a story of determination, love, repentance, and forgiveness as a little boy and his beloved dog attempt to make it home for Christmas.