Perspectives : Case Studies for Readers and Writers

Joanna Gibson

Case Studies for Academic Writing is a cross-disciplinary rhetorical reader and guide to writing that introduces students to writing from sources. Through the use of case studies, this text offers comprehensive writing instruction. Each case study is designed to introduce students to critical reading skills, problem solving, synthesizing multiple perspectives, analyzing rhetorical situations, evaluating sources, and finally, to writing assignments that require contextualizing and analyzing information. Introductions to cases provide a context for the case and, as well, explain what students will learn as they read. Introductory material also identifies specific skills students should work on as they complete readings. This very flexible texts case studies 1) Illustrate a variety of rhetorical situations on the same topic, 2) Serve as models of sufficiently narrowed topics, 3) Stress the connection between reading and writing skills, and 4) Provide units of research for a variety of writing assignments.